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Concealed Carry in the Classroom (CCC?)

In my home county, Bay County Fla, They have SRO's (School Resource Officers) which are actually uniformed Sheriff Deputies who are armed with all the modern self defense items, both lethal and non-lethal. They are on campus, patrolling, full time and after school hours whenever there are any extracurricular activities taking place.
I think this is preferable to arming teachers.
It has worked so far.

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Concealed Carry in the Classroom (CCC?)

To me, that sounds like a better idea,and a more cost efficient approach also Thumbs up

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Concealed Carry in the Classroom (CCC?)

Whether a given teacher would or would not shoot is academic. What we should be discussing is deterrence, or the present lack of it.

I have a "Protected by Guardian Alarm" sign on my mailbox post. I don't actually HAVE an alarm system but I want people to think I do. I most certainly will not be advertizing the fact that all I have is the sign, or worse yet, put up a "No Alarm Here" sign. I'd be a total fool to do that and not one of you would disagree. Criminals are at base opportunistic and go for the easy score. If I wanted a big body count to get my name in the history books where would I strike? The police station is obviously a bad idea and the local mall might have CCW holders about. But I KNOW the school is defenseless. Not only ARE the schools defenseless, we ADVERTIZE the fact and pat ourselves on the back for being so progressive!!! How we can even entertain the thought is incomprehensible to me.

Not one of you would ever permit a "No Alarm Here" sign to be placed outside your house. Why do we insist on it for our schools???

The armed SRO would be a big deterrent. I could go for that approach. Just put an end to this "Gun Free Zone" madness

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