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Compound Bow???

Some time back I purchased a Buck Knives Saber Compound Bow. I appears to be an older model, I do not even know when it was made.

I shoot all the time since it's the only bow I have (It shoots really good!)

Does anyone know anything about these bows??? I sure wouls like to know more about it. Think

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Re: Compound Bow???

I never heard of one till you asked this so I looked up it up on my computer and believe its manufactured by Champion Bow Co..
Do a search on your computer you will probably find what your looking for.

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Re: Compound Bow???

Didn't realize Buck ever got into the bow business. Interested to know more also Think

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Re: Compound Bow???

They were short lived, but built great. If it were me I would find a different bow to hunt with and hold on to that bow. Buck knives are gone now and any product with their name on it will likely hold some value. Good luck.

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