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Comparing Powders

I suppose it comes down to performance, but looking at these two powders with their min/max and velocities, does it make sense to go with the 4350 since it requires less powder and achieves a higher velocity?

I guess the answer really is what does my gun like, but thought I'd ask the question to see what words of wisdom you'll share.

100 GR. SPR BTSP 100 H4831 .243" 2.650" 39.0 2761 44,400 CUP 42.0 2924 50,100 CUP
100 GR. SPR BTSP 100 H4350 .243" 2.650" 37.0 2806 45,100 CUP 40.0 2973

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Comparing Powders

When I was doing a fair amount of shooting, IMR 3031 was the powder for my target rounds, compared to H4831 for hunting loads. Now there was a difference of approximately 20 grains of powder per rounds. And that adds up.
But two or three grains ?, considering there are 7000 gr/lb, every 3500 rounds will cost you the price of an extra pound of powder.
If your manuel gives data for 24" barrel and your firearm is 22 inch, don't expect to be close to the manuel numbers, other than to say : The faster the Powder you use, the closer you'll beto the manuels reference data.

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Comparing Powders

I always try the load that has the least pressure with the heavy for caliber bullets. The most of the time scenario is they end up being the best load and the slower powder.
The more you can fill the case the better the burn. I look for 90% or greater.
That doesn't mean it's necessarily the best in your rifle but it's works, in most loads, for me. H4831 works very well in the heavy 243 win's.

If your ever planning on loading the light bullets in that 243 win. Take a look at the H380 and H414. H 414 being my favorite.

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