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Communicating with Big Game (feature article)

September 2008 Feature Article:

Communicating with Big Game

Minutes after climbing into my stand I began my calling and rattling sequence. First grunting, then working the antlers, I stared down at the mock scrape I'd been religiously anointing with doe-estrus scent for the previous two weeks. I hadn't even finished my first round of clashing antlers together when I saw a nice buck run in from the heaviest cover. In a magnificent display of dominance all four feet were planted firmly in the center of my scrape as he swung his head back and forth in defiance! My efforts to communicate had sent this buck a clear message and he responded on cue. Using a call, rattling antlers, a mock scrape, and scent, my intrusion was too much for him to ignore. Duped into believing another buck had encroached on his territory, unbelievably he stood in place while I slowly lowered the antlers, drew my bow, settled the 10-yard pin on his chest and released. He ran 50 yards and collapsed. What a rush!

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