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COMMERCIAL scents...(doe pee !) DO THEY REALLY WORK???????

Think The only real success ive had is fresh doe pee from a local deer farmer .What would like to here is real success storys from people using comm. pee , not just you used it, and shot a deer . but maybe a story of a deer trailing your scent drag or going right too your dripper ,I will be looking forward for some input ...THANKS BIG MACK Wave

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COMMERCIAL scents...(doe pee !) DO THEY REALLY WORK???????

i've had good luck with Tarsal gland smell......deer followed the path i layed out with my drag....

i havent had much luck with doe urine w/ or w/o estreus........but i hunt public land so i have a feeling they might be overloaded with fake smells

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COMMERCIAL scents...(doe pee !) DO THEY REALLY WORK???????

The commercial Pee TYPICLY is Junk....For one its not from the same doe and YES that Makes a HUGE difference...For another its got all kinds of stuff that didnt come from a deer in it...Preservatives n such...Easy rule of thumb ...If it doesnt have to be refridgerated...DONT GET IT...Also if its from a single deer it will be labled as such. Code Blue is about the best commercial stuff you can get and its not all that grand bt it can catch a younger (stupid) bucks attention and that Might bring in the big boy for territorial purposes....I too have found that using a fresh Tarsal gland that I had froze immediatly from the year before does wonders on a drag and hanger....Too many good stories to tell just one...Just look t the facts...Deer are smarter than we hunters give them credit for....you put a bunch of chemicals in something and that nose can pick it out, realize something is up,,and be a mile away. I try my best to collect urine and glands from my kills the year before and use them for attractant...Just freeze them ASAP and they will be just fine the next year...I have heard some good things about that VX-1 stick and liquid....Havnt tried it myself but I have been getting good reports on it.

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