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comments related to Michigan DNR's license increase proposal

The Michigan DNR expects sportsmen to pick up the full tab on their looming budget deficit. Yet, they refuse to license hunting guides, requiring they pay their fair share. Individuals guiding for turkey, elk, deer, bear, and bobcat do not need a license in MIchigan...with the exception of those guiding bear hunters with hounds...they'd need a participation license. In fact, one individual operating as a guide was convicted of hunter harassment, losing his hunting privledges for 3 years. Yet, he continued his guiding operation because he did not need a license to make money off the resource!!!

Likely the biggest windfall goes to the individuals operating commercial bear baiting operations. Fees have been averaging $750.00 to $1,500.00 per week per bait. They often maintain 20 to 30 bait sites, or more. Unlike other guiding operations these individuals seldom accompany the hunter...they just charge a fee to sit on their bait. Therefore, they tend to have a lot more clients than regular guides. It is only fair a percentage of their profits should go to the budget deficit. Makes more sense than charging some kid from a low-income family $40.00 for a fishing license!

Like any business in Michigan, guides would be required to have a federal tax ID...and they are required to pay state & federal income taxes as well as business taxes. However, our DNR obviously believe taxes due are paid via the honor system...a luxury no other industry is allowed, seeing as they are not willing to provide the necessary oversight.

Please call or email your Michigan state senator and state representative and tell them not one thin dime in license increases until guides are licensed and regulated.

I am not against guiding. Guides are making a lot of money off the resource, mostly on public land and it's time they state paying their share.


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comments related to Michigan DNR's license increase proposal

I to am from michigan and heard about the increase. The sad thing is the free tags the natives are getting, 5 tags of any sex. It used to be they had to use them on reservation land only, now it's anywhere at all! Everybody is going ro be native now! They will be coming out of the woodwork Thats just one of the very many bad things going on here. What we need here the most is some common sense from the guys who pull the trigger! Being a full time taxidermist i have a lot of exposure to hunters and hear a lot about whats going on in the woods. Guys around here think nothing of respecting the bag limit at all. Doubling the cost of tags will worsen this effect as people will just not tag them i guess.

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it is a damn shame they want to stick it to all of us here trying to enjoy what god provides for us.
i only see this proposed increase as a route to decrease numbers in outdoor participation,as well it will promote poaching-some people will not be able to afford a license.especially in a state that has one of the worst economies in the country!
we not only need to let our reps know we wont stand for it-we need to unite and say it loud enough that they hear us and know that we are serious!

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I agree...

Browncityredneck...I agree with what you posted. If the license increases become law it will decrease license sales and a large number of lower income people will give up on outdoor sports. I did call both my state representative and state senator...and they seem to be of the opinion, they will be asking the DNR a lot of tough questions, but in the end will have to support the increase or the DNR will be totally gutted. I tend to believe the DNR wages and benefits have grown about like they have for the auto manufacturers in Michigan...and if the DNR remains on it's present course costs will continue to spiral out of control. The increases would not solve the real problem...which is a DNR Director that has failed to operate witin the budget constraints.

Incidentally, this failure to license guides is a lot bigger source of revenue than most folks realize...and instead of the DNR doing the right thing...they opt for the easy fix by just sticking it to the sportsmen. Wisconsin licenses guides...so it sould not be too tricky for the Michigan DNR.

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