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Comment on Colorado's Environmental Ed plan

Really not much about consumptive uses in here. Only one mention of hunting and fishing in the whole thing, and talk is only about preventing endangerment with consumptive uses. 

Plan is here:

Survey is here:

I think there needs to be a lot more stress placed on hunters, fisherman, ranchers and loggers and the valuable role they play in natural resource management. Please help stress this.

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I agree.

I agree.  Made my comments--hope the "open minded" educational professionals crafting the plan take a moment and carefully consider all of the feedback from the surveys.

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Interesting read.  I agree,

Interesting read.  I agree, gotta include alot more info regarding hunting and outdoor's activities' influences on the outdoors. 

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I put my two cents in also. I

I put my two cents in also. I think the plan is a fair start but needs a lot more work. Especially about educating kids on how hunting and fishing helps the community and benefits wildlife. Also stated to make sure this education is based on fact not politics or emotion.

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