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coming home from Iraq need a guided archery hunt

I am returing to the states (Oklahoma) from Iraq and i am looking for a guided hunt for elk or whitetail. If anyone knows a great place that is not to outrageous on price please let me know.

Travise Miller

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Thanks for your Service

I hope you find a good hunt. If you dont find a hunt and want to come and hunt with me in Massachusetts i will put you on some deer. I have shot three deer out of this one stand the last three years. Not midwestern giants but decent northeastern deer, a five, six and eight point. It would be my pleasure to let you hunt there, thank you for your service.

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Kansas Racks & Quacks


Good that you are coming home and thank you for what you have done. We have some openings at Kansas Racks & Quacks for this up coming bow season if you contact me I will give all are information and website.


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Kansas unit 11

Deer hunting in Kansas unit 11.

A little background information.
This would be the first time we have ever leased any ground and the only reason we are doing it now is because we are geting ready to build a house. We have manged our land and don't want more than 3 bucks harvested--so it is a max 3 person lease.

What we have.
We have 320 acres of combination creek bottom ground (creek, timber, funnels, pasture ponds, and small fields of alfalfa and soy beans) to lease. It is very huntable and easy to get in and out. If you are interested and would like more information let me know.


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