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Colrado spring runoff still going strong


We got plenty of snow this year. According to the article this river is still running 5 times of normal for this time of year. And we started getting rained on pretty hard today as well.

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been watching it

I've never seen the Poudre or the Colorado like this before.  It's impressive.  The little sidewalk along the river in Glennwood Canyon is submerged.  This campsite up in the Flat Tops is submerged too:


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I drove back from Utah the

I drove back from Utah the other day and couldn't believe how high the Colorado was still running.  Then yesterday I thought about getting in a little fishing on the Eagle and it was scary at how high it was running.  The way it looks it will be August before any of the streams are good fishing this year. 

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Seems like places all over

Seems like places all over thecountry got alot of snow this year, coast to coast, resulting in late runoff from the snowmelt.

I went to Vermont last week, and my Dad says that he's never seen it this hih, this late in the season.  And, out here in California, my neighbor went up into the Sierra's last week fishing, and he said the streams are all still ice cold from the snow.

Our mountains out here got around 165% of regular snowpack, according to estimates.  Enough of a surplus that they declared our 6 or 7 year drought to be over.

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Man I hear ya, All of our

Man I hear ya, All of our rivers out here are still running fast and cold, Mt Hood still has a ton of snow on it, normaly by now the rivers are no more that creeks and water pretty warn and the mountain is almost bare. I was just up at timberline on MT Hood a week ago and was playing in the snow with my son when it was 75 and we were in shorts. i was kinda fun. The fishing however has been kinda slow due the fast moving high waters, I cant even get to my normal holes yet, it will probaly be August before I will. By then it will be Silver salmon and summer steelhead time. I guess the only good thing is all the greens for the deer and elk to eat, it should make for a great growth season. Hopefully there'll be some monsters on the hill this fall.

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