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Colrado or Wyoming sage grouse areas?

I posted the other day about the sage grouse situation and how many would like to see them listed as endangered.

I'm going to try hard to get one this year but usually only see them when I'm hunting something else and the season isn't open. It's a short season so I will probably only have a day or two to chase them around, I missed a couple last year so have an idea but would like any thoughts on other areas to check out. I will be going up to area 10 in  a couple of weeks here in Colorado and up to antelope area 63 in Wyoming next month.

I know the habitat they prefer I just don't want to drive around all day looking for the better areas, just want to get started in the right direction.

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I just applied for the sage

I just applied for the sage grouse in Utah this morning and with the amount of intrest in hunting them all I expect is a point but if you don't apply you don't have a chance.  I usually hunt them on the Plateau area out of Loa and have never had a problem finding them even without a dog. 

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