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Colorado's Deer needs your help....

It looks like it's going to be a long winter.....and Colorado's deer could be in big trouble. More than 45 inches of deep, crusted snow coupled with extreme cold have begun to take a toll on deer and other wildlife populations in the Gunnison Valley. At this time, DOW biologists believe that if we do not aid these populations through a temporary feeding program, the extreme conditions may lead to excessive winter losses in these populations. The loss of wildlife in this part of our state has the potential to negatively impact the local economy which depends on out-of-town visitors coming to enjoy wildlife. Conserving wildlife and supporting the people who depend on wildlife for their livelihood is part of the DOW mission. By donating to the Division of Wildlife today, you will be participating in a valiant effort to help save some of Colorado's wildlife. Each donation will be used to buy and distribute specially formulated feed to animals in need.

If you want to help feed the deer through winter, here's a link to the Colorado Division of Wildlife's program..

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