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Colorado youth pheasant hunt


This is a great opportunity for some of the young hunters in Colorado to try out. They had one of these hunts in my area last year and it went over really well.

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They have a spot here locally

They have a spot here locally where they have 4 or 5 of these pheasant hunts each year, run by California fish and game.  Usually they occur on Saturday and Sunday, both morning and afternoon sessions.  They have youth hunts, ladies hunts, and family hunts.

My job is one where I used to be outdoors all the time, and the spot they had this is in my area of operations.  I would go out there and watch them do these hunts.  It was really cool.  They would have local guys with dogs volunteer to guide these kids and ladies around. It gave them a chance to work their dogs.

The best part though was that they had "clean-up hunts" after the other ones were done. Anyone with a license was allowed to go out into the fields and see if they could shoot up the stragglers.  Got my first ever pheasant that way one year.

As you said, it's a great opportunity for the young hunters to get out there.  We need to get as many people involved as we possibly can.


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The DOW has plenty of free opportunities if your are a youth or a woman. 

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