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Colorado Units 04 and 441 4th Season Elk

Greetings all-

So back in April I threw a dart for my 3rd and 4th options and ended up with an either sex elk tag for 4th season in units 04 and 441, north of Hayden. Never hunted either.

As the year unfolded I began to lose hope that I would actually be able to get the time off to do any hunting this year, but this week the outlook for getting away for 6 or 7 days in November is actually improving.

I've been studying these units with google earth and some good maps. I've also been looking at the stat's. May head up next week for a lil scouting.

First question tfor hose inclined to help me out:, am I crazy to think the sparse state and BLM partials in the south end of 441 are my best public land choices for this late in the season or should I focus further north and higher up?

Second question, any suggestions on lodging? My pop-up, while ususally comfortable, doesn't do well should the snow start snowing and the wind start winding (two years ago it nearly flipped over in the wind during 2nd season). That was the time I only had a mulie tag. The next morning, three 5x5 bulls strolled right past me at 60 yards.

Yes, if it weren't for bad luck ....

Thank you all for any suggestions.


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Colorado Units 04 and 441 4th Season Elk

I don't have alot on 441; unit 4 however gets the living crap pounded out of it.
ExBio might be able to chime in here.

As far as lodging, i don't think there is a whole lot going on in Hayden. Steamboat or Craig, yes.....but you'd be doing a lot of drive time between staying in a motel away from town and driving to the area where you'd be hunting.
From my experience, considering that the animals will have been pestered for quite a while from the archery, muzzleloader and previous rifle seasons, there's a very strong chance that the animals will be in some of the nastiest terrain or on private property, where you have a better chance of winning the lottery than gaining permission to hunt. I the weather turns south and gets nasty, the elk and deer will be on the move.

Good luck

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Colorado Units 04 and 441 4th Season Elk

send me an email at hunthayden@gmail, I will give you some tips

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Colorado Units 04 and 441 4th Season Elk

Gotta agree with the Boob man on this one! I too am looking for help as last year's hunt during 4th I saw thousands of elk! ... but ALL on private right next to the grounds I could hunt Brick Wall,) Brick Wall,)

He is also dead-on with the lodging comment. I have lodged in Craig, Baggs & Steamboat before and you will be loosing plenty of sleep if you stay in town! In the bad weather times you will be driving 2 hours each way and the town may only be 20-30 miles away! FYI...I am also 3 for 3 the last three years on hitting game on the way to the hunting spots!!! 2006 - Muley coming in from Baggs! 2007 - Elk coming from Steamboat! 2008 - Muley just as I was coming into Craig! Brick Wall,) Brick Wall,) Brick Wall,) It is also such a short season, that you need every minute of every day at times!

can I e-mail you too "hunthayden"? Help!

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