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Colorado Unit 70

I'm new to this site and found it by researching some of the archery elk hunting forums.  I have seen members like "exbiologist" responding to so many threads helping folks out.  Hopefully, a few folks can help point me in the right direction.

I've hunted elk a couple times before with my bow in Arizona and Montana.  I have a private ranch that I'll be hunting with a friend just southeast of Norwood, unit 70.  We will be hunting the area the first week of September.  The property holds a very good number of mule deer in early September, unfortunately I didn't draw, but my buddy did.  I figured I'd buy an over the counter elk tag and try my luck while he chases the deer.  

The property we will be hunting boarders the San Miquel and has a few ponds on the property.  I was going to start the week off by checking the ponds to see if any elk were frequenting the water.  If there's no elk sign I really need a backup plan.  

Being totally new to the area any advice would be appreciated.  My elk hunting this year would be limited to day hunts, since I won't have a tent along.  I've been doing some research on the Little Cone area and have seen others mention the Dunn's Peak area or Uncompahgre National Forest. The southwest tip of the Uncompahgre is just across the river from where we will be staying. The Little Cone area is just south.

I could really use some guidance.  Sitting in PA trying to plan for elk is tough.  Future years will get easier but the first time out is a walk in the dark.


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Welcome !


I wish I had some info on unit 70, but I only know the very north end from Naturita to the Utah border.

Someone should come along soon though ! Welcome to BGH ! I hope you stick around and share some pics and stories.


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Thanks Quinton. I've never

Thanks Quinton. I've never been to western Colorado, should be a great time of the year to be there.


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Congratulation on your new

Congratulation on your new property.  I assume since you don't know the area yet its a recent acquisition.

I hunted unit 70 last year and will probably do so again this year. I hunt the last week of the season because I like to hear the bulls scream. This is right after the week-long muzzle loader season which puts a lot of hunters in the unit. The elk get pushed onto private land that week, I did notice they seem to start coming back onto public land a few days after the smoke poles left. I don't know what the pressure is like the first week in sept. but my guess is it will be similar for labor day weekend.

Little cone is surrounded by private land. The online maps I've seen do not accurately depict the relationship of public to private. So if you hunt little cone make sure you have a good map or a gps showing public and private boundaries. There are some free gps maps on the garmin web site or you can buy some which better show blm, state, nf etc. To get to little cone you need to park near the campground there and walk a ways down a closed road along a stream. Once you reach a posted gate you must cross the stream and walk through the passage of public land to get to little cone. The passage is around a 100 yards wide. Last year I did not see much fresh sign there, but I had heard from other hunters that a couple of bull were pulled out from the area so it may be better earlier in the season.

If I decide to visit little cone this year I will check the entrance, if there is more than one horse trailer at the entrance I will not bother to walk in.

You can PM me if you have any specific questions.


Good Luck



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Thanks Jimmy, Yep, this is my

Thanks Jimmy,

Yep, this is my first year on the property and my first time hunting Colorado. A friend of mine received this permission last year and I was invited to come along this season. I was hoping for a deer tag but that just didn't work out so it's on to elk and possibly a bear tag. My buddy is a CO resident but along the front range, so he hasn't been out to scout the property. We have been in contact with property owner who has been seeing only a few elk in the fields, mostly muley's.

The property is at a lower elevation and most of the elk are seen on the property later in the season. My only saving grace is that there are a few ponds on the property and it's been quite dry this year. The property receives no pressure so we'll see how it plays out.

Thanks for the info on the Little Cone. That would be the closest public area to where we will be staying. Depending on what sign I see around the ponds will determine whether I will stay put or go looking for the elk.

I really appreciate the info on access and where to park. That helps so much when in a new area. Google earth and maps can only get you so far.


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elk in 70

If it makes you feel better I just saw a herd of 14 elk on National Forest just a little bit east of there in some high country.

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