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Colorado Unit 66

I am looking at startign to hunt unit 66 in Colorado in the coming years. I am new to the area and looking for any information on the area if folks are willing to share. I am not asking for secret spots, just general info about the unit...the elk and deer quality in the area...and what to think about as I begin to do my homework on where to concentrate my efforts. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks,


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Re: Colorado Unit 66

Jared are you in state or non resident? What season or method do you hunt? I now hunt 66 as my main unit, hunted it 3 times and scouted it several more.Most of it is wilderness and the parts that arn't get the most hunters so plan on hiking a mile or more from the road to hunt in the wilderness. The major pack trails get a LOT of use but before it was a wilderness area there was cattle grazing in many parts and you can still find those old cattle trails in many places but they are getting pretty grown over, but they usualy lead to good feed and water, maybe some oldtimer from the forest service can help you out here.Water can be key in some parts of the unit as many creeks dry up by mid summer, don't rely on maps alone thinking there will be water in a creek. The elk simply move over a drainage or two in the fall. The magic altitude for me has been 10800' to 11200' for first rifle , in september on scouting trips I often find them lower and above timberline.Plan on hunting north slope timber during the day sloooow and quiet they arn't out for long in the mornings. And unlike unit 76 to the south these elk are very quiet ,don't expect to hear from them much.We always get into elk here but we hunt hard and will go deep because we have horses to pack them out, but we seldom ride in to hunt ,don't need to, lots of places to hunt the wilderness by yourself right from the road.Scout scout scout have at least two or three drainages to work.Stick with it and after a few years you will find some great spots, I try to scout a new area each year to add to my list . Good unit but it's just a pain in the butt to get to, even from Grand Junction it's 3+ hours to get to where I camp . For deer hunt low way low nowhere near the elk,where most people think is too low , pockets and draws .Good luck have fun!!

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unit 66

We drew tags for this year for the 2nd rifle.  Do you have suggestions for that time of the yr?  When does the snow get there?  Have they moved down yet?  I know it has to do with the snow but how much snow does it take to get them to move?  Any info would be highly appreciated...


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