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Colorado unit 6 or 171

 I am a first timer to colorado and have a friend who lives out there who will be joining My 12 year old son and I. We our planning  DIY trip to the back country of unit 6 north of kelly lake some where between Walden and the Rawah wilderness not dead set on this area but would need to be in unit 6 or 171 and on public land. ANY help would be great I just want him to have fun and Have a chance at success

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I hunted unit 6 during 1st

I hunted unit 6 during 1st rifle season back in 2009.  Unfortunately, my hunt was cut short when my hunting partner had to go home for family reasons.  I did make one short scouting trip to that unit before that season, but it wasn't enough to feel like I really learned much about the area.  

It looks like Kelly Lake is close to where we camped and hunted.  We stayed in the KOA Campground by North Michigan Creek Reservoir.  We did see some elk.  Unfortunately, they were on private ground to the west of Bull Mountain, and 30 other hunters were watching them at the same time.  I did fish Michigan Creek Reservoir, and if you have time, you should give that a try.  I pulled a couple nice trout out of there, and need to go back to try fishing there again.  There are moose in the area, and we did see two cows and a calf during our short trip.  

Wish I could help more, but that is all I got.  Since your friend lives out this way, has he hunted that area at all?  Good luck and be sure to post up here how it goes.  

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Thanks for the info We will

Thanks for the info We will surely be taking our fly rods. No my buddy lives in 19 and does most of his hunting there but we our coming from south MS so we will be relying on over the counter tags. we will plan to hund a couple miles north of Kelly lake alang western edge of Rawah and Medicine bow range. I am realy looking forward to some more advise to that area so if need be I can plan another location.

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Unit 6

I have hunted unit 6 a fair amount in the past 10 years. I mostly go archery, although I have never gotten an elk with my bow yet.  I usually then get a leftover rifle cow elk tag for either first or second season to hopefully put some meat in the freezer.  I have taken 3 cows with a rifle in unit 6, although I mostly hunt around Gould Mtn.  The can be a lot of people who hunt Gould and Bull Mtn, and I usually hear a lot of shooting coming from that direction, but I have found a few spots that are off the beaten path and are not as crowded.  I have not hunted further north in the unit, although I am trying to scout some areas up north to find a back-up spot in case my favorite spots go sour.  As a word of caution, there is a LOT of beetle damaged trees in that area and they have been doing a lot of clearcutting during the past few year.  Fortunately, I actually think that has helped the elk hunting, but just be aware that there can be timber cutting activity while you are there. 

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