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Colorado Unit 551 Cow Elk Hunt

I'm going on my first elk hunt October 13-17 for a cow elk in Unit 551. I have not been in this unit before. Can anyone give me any advice on this unit? I plan on getting into the area on 10 October for some pre-scouting. I will start in the Black Sage pass area. Any additional pointers would be great.

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GMU Tip Sheet

Here is a paragraph from the DOW tip sheet for GMU 551 -
Recommended Hunting areas for Elk: The majority of this unit offers great elk hunting. The eastern portion of the unit will hold higher concentrations during the earlier seasons, areas around Sargents, Black Sage Pass STL and Granite Mountain would be good places to start. Later seasons will see elk moving west. The Tomichi Dome Quakey Mountain and Daley Gulch state trust lands and surrounding Forest Service and BLM lands will have concentrations.

Good Luck with your hunt and be certain to share the story of the hunt with pictures afterwards.

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