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Colorado Unit 55 for Elk

Planning elk hunt with Adventure Experiences Inc. in 2011. Any info on experience with this outfitter and/or this area would be greatly appreciated.

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You dont even know how good of a choice you have made probably.  I have hunted there the last two years.  You will not find a better group of people to hunt with.  This camp attracts the kind of people that you WANT to spend a week of your vacation with.  Tim and Bob are truly top-notch.  And NO I am not being paid in any way to say this stuff.  I dont know if you have elk hunted much before but finding a GOOD outfitter is 90% of the battle in my opinion.  Now for the elk hunting part.  TOUGH elk hunting.  Be physically ready, take one of there guides, if you want to go home with meat be willing to listen to Tim and sit back in his private property.  He has stands on his ground and that is where the most elk are killed.  The public pressure pushing them in there in the evenings.  I just cant sit in a stand to hunt elk, just not how I hunt.  I dont know If I am going back this year or not.  I have to newbies I am supposed to take with me this fall and just havent made up my mind yet.  If it was just me, no question I would be back with Tim.  I just havent made up my mind yet. I dont know if you are talking archery or rifle but the last few years Sept. has been just to hot.  That is why the first rifle season I think they just slaughered them.  Sorry for going on to much but Tim really is a rare find in this world.




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