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Colorado Unit 55, 4th Season - Any advice?

I'll be hunting this area for the third or fourth time this year. Have seen a "cow here and there" and seen foot prints of large herds in the area. Any ideas where we may find concentrations in 4th season? Dont have horses, but willing to walk into where we may need to go!

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Colorado Unit 55, 4th Season - Any advice?

If I'm correct in thinking that unit 55 is the unit around Taylor Reservoir, then that's the unit I hunted last year. 1st or 2nd season I think. I saw several large 6by's and one I thought was a 7x. Problem was they were at or about a mile or more, and the oldness kept me from getting to where they were at the time they were!!
Anyway, above Taylor there is a campground. I camped there and walked up and to the NW up above the lake and towards the next canyon over. Not sure if you can do that during the 4th hunt. It was 8F one morning earlier in the year when I was there. If not, then about 6 miles(ish) up the road past the lake is an old road, maybe logging, that goes up into some pretty tough stuff. Been my experience over the years that bulls like the rough stuff after the rut.

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Colorado Unit 55, 4th Season - Any advice?

this can be a rough hunt, in the past Almount Triangle and strand hills has held animals. The triangle is good no atvs allowed easy roas access, be carefull your target bighorn sheep will be in there too.

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area 55

Hunted there in 08. Stayed in the cabins by Taylor Res. I hunted the 2nd season.Saw 1, 5x5 the day before the season opened. Only 1 bull taken that I saw with about 35 other hunters at those cabins. Animals are 3 mountains back cause there are roads on the first 2 mountains. It's fun no matter what!

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Colorado Unit 55, 4th Season - Any advice?

Cliff Creek

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Colorado Unit 55, 4th Season - Any advice?

4th season...........the elk will mostly be down on ALL private land by then. try to find some lower elevation areas close to private land around the Ohio City area.

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Colorado Unit 55, 4th Season - Any advice?

Only hunted 55 once a few years ago but we did get into elk most days and took a average 5x5 on the third day, but that was also 1st season . Hunted around lookout mountan near Waunita hot springs Hunted slow and quiet in the heavy timber never saw a thing out in the open.

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