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Colorado - Unit 55 - 2nd Season Mule Deer - Any advice??

I am looking at a muley landowner tag for Unit 55, 2nd season, but want to be sure it's a decent choice. I know the unit is still on the rebound from the 07/08 winterkill, but I also know there are still some great bucks & genetics in the area.

There are few posts on BGH about the unit, and it seems there are a LOT of elk hunters in there during 2nd season, and was wondering how badly the deer hunting would be affected. Also are the older bucks in that unit typically down low with the does by then, or still hanging at the higher eleveations. I like hiking in away from the crowds, so getting up to the higher elevations or back in toward the wilderness areas would not be a bad thing.

I'd appreciate any input on this before I pull the trigger on the tag.



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Is the landowner property up

Is the landowner property up high, and away from the crowds? It shouldn't be crowded unless he lets everybody hunt his property.

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It is probably

a landowner voucher, which is valid in the whole unit!

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Yeah, I keep forgetting,

Yeah, I keep forgetting, because the vouchers the land owner gives me are animal control, and only good for his property. The plus side of it is it's good for 5 months.

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