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Colorado Unit 521 4th Season


I have the opportunity to hunt elk next year in this unit on private land with 4 wheeler access in mid November. I'm curious to what weather can be expected at that time of year. Average temperature, snowfall etc..... 4 wheeler access is fine as long as there isn't 2 foot of snow on the ground which I'm assuming is very possible. I'm considering taking my father who is 65 but don't want it to be too tough on him.

I'm a little familiar with Colorado and have hunted elk in unit 65 but in the archery season of early September. My dad doesn't archery hunt and I'm trying to get together a rifle hunt for us and a few other family members.

And since they aren't rutting in November I'm suspecting that hunting techniques will change to more glassing, searching for fresh sign and hunting areas between feeding and bedding areas. Any advice appreciated.


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Colorado Unit 521 4th Season

Hi Scott,
Welcome to BGH. The temperature is so variable in November, it's crazy. But 2 feet of snow is pretty unlikely. Warm and dry is plenty likely. Up to a foot is probably possible too. Calling will be worthless at that time, and they will probably run from it. You've got the right idea, with glassing feeding areas and stillhunting bedding areas.

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