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I like your comments and have a question for you. I just moved to Colorado from Idaho. I'm looking to do some archery hunting and I'm having trouble deciding on my OTC unit to hunt. I've looked at 36 but I'm also considering 371, 37, and 45. If you can give many any advice I would apprieciate it. I would like a unit with trophy potential with some 350 class bulls. I've broken the 300 range several time but not the 350 range. You don't have to sell the barn on where you hunt maybe just give me a break down on those units. Also, I would be on foot and am willing to work hard for my elk. Less hunters the better as well. Thanks.

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Sorry it has been so long

Sorry it has been so long since I've posted on here but it has been a busy fall full of hunting. First off I would like to thank everyone who helped me out with my hunt in Colorado. Although it was short i had a ton of fun. I arrived three days prior to the season and scouted hard. The weather was hot and dry, not what i was hoping for in November... I saw a fair amount of deer. Not a lot but, enough not to be too worried. After some advice from a local in Eagle, I had my opening morning spot picked out and thats all it took. I had the entire season off work and i was planning on hunting hard for nine days and I only hunted for about an hour. A four hundred yard stalk later and a three hundred yard shot i was left for an all day 3.5 mile pack out. Changing over 3500 feet in elevation. It was worth it though, i had killed my best buck to date. Not a giant but awesome character and the darkest antlers ive ever seen. Thanks again

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When you get a chance let us see your best deer to date! Weather was not good at all and I am glad you got what you were looking for!!! Thumbs up

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