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Colorado Unit 35

I met a guy tonight who has been hunting UNit 35 for a few years now. He has been hunting Mule Deer in the Unit with much success. He has seen lots of Elk sign while hunting Mule deer but not many elk. How is the elk hunting in this unit? I may be hooking up with him for OTC elk if he doesn't get drawn for muzzleoader. Any info or advice would be great.

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Re: Colorado Unit 35

Unit 35 is a lot different than a lot of units in Colorado in the the top portion is private and that is where all the elk hang out until the snows push them down, and then there is a lot of private around the bottom and a few of the canyons. The last time that I hunted it there was a lot of hunting pressure on the public lands but there are a few elk taken every year off during the regular elk/deer hunts, but it is not easy finding them. Personally I wouldn't recommend it for elk until the late season cow tags.

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