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Colorado unit 29

It looks like I drew a 3rd season buck tag in 29.  I have never hunted the area.  Does anyone have a starting point or areas they would suggest to scout?

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I don't have info on the unit, but you had a great season last year. Congrats on the tag and good luck. 


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Good luck

I have hunted Unit 29 before.  Sent you a PM.

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Hi Remington 742 I had a

Hi Remington 742 I had a archery tag for 29 2 years ago the biggest thing in that unit is there is a lot of private land where the deer tend hangout and the area's that are open there are a lot of hikers. That said third season might be a little better due to less hikers and campers. I would try west of the Nederland there are a few spots up there. That time of year just west of Gross res. will hold some deer. I would get a really good map showing the open area's there is very little BLM also be prepared if you do shoot even though you are on public land everyone close will call the game warden to have you checked out, they are not fan's of hunters. I was archery hunting and I got checked several times and they all said it's due to the locals calling when a hunter even drive's by there property. Good luck hope it works out

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