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Colorado Unit 22 3rd season...

Drew 3rd season unit 22, anybody have any tips and tricks? We have been waiting 5 years to draw. Brother and I are from Washington state, and never had the opportunity to hunt mulies, just blacktail.

We hunt hard in the brush every year so the open country will be a change. We are looking at the country around Meeker.

Any info would be great. I have ordered the maps.

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Hoggetter is your man

You should talk to hoggetter.  He killed a nice one there a few years ago

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Piceance Area

Spelling may be off??? Hunted there!!! It was amazing not even seeing a deer until late afternoon when the sage came alive with deer!! Weather will really help!!!! Some pigs!!! I was up the road and turned left at Rio Blanco and went aways then turned right!!! Not great details, but I don't have a map in front of me!! Should be a good hunt with lots of deer to look at!!! Big ones are not dumb!!!!!

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Thank you for the replies. I

Thank you for the replies. I have talked with hoggetter. He gave me some great info a couple of months ago.

So we have quads, but they are not of the 4 week drive variety. They are ranch bikes with racks, but 2 wheel drive. I can get chains if needed.

Would quads be better than just using a truck to get around?


Like i said before i have never hunted mulies before. I have good glass, not euro glass but good binos. We are looking at spotting scopes right now.

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I would for bring your atv's

I would for bring your atv's if I where you, I wished I had last November, I put my truck is spots that I hope to never do again..

Good luck.

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Very nice!  Hopefully you'll

Very nice!  Hopefully you'll have a great story to share this fall! Congrats!

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