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In need of Advice...Colorado Unit 22 1st Rifle

US ARMY Vet (First Hunt since getting out of the service)

I need just a little advice on Unit 22 on Colorado Western Slope. I usually stick to Units 18 and 181 by Kremling. But I missed the lotto dates and OTC this yes I had to get get a leftover. I have hunted for about 8 years when home on leave but never this area. I know the basics like i need a detailed area map, first aid and such. I'm also an intermediate tracker/stalker but need some practice on playing the wind.

Even though I'm experienced to a degree I am bringing along 2 others. One with experience but hasn't hunted in 20+ years and another that has never been big Hunting. We all have Bull tags only. Even though I know it's about harvesting an animal, I would much rather put the other two hunters on them because neither has ever taken an animal.

If anyone can push some pointers or key areas to hunt up there 1st Rifle it would be much appreciated.


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I can't help you much but

I can't help you much but welcome to the forums anyway. 

I would presume that you are going to have to hunt high or hope for a early snow storm to push the animals down into the flatter country.  There will be some down low but unitl the weather turns most will be high. 

Good luck on your hunt.

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Welcome o the forum, sorry

Welcome o the forum, sorry cannot help with unit 22 but good luck on the hunt.

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Thanks I have been reading up

Thanks I have been reading up on a lot of the forums. Thinking I have a good way to attack this. Yes I'll be sticking up high. Stalk thru the DT and glassing the oak sage below. I'll be headed up their earlier then my buddy so I should have 2 days of scouting. Not quite sure what I'll do with 2 days at camp but scouting should keep me busy.

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