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Colorado Unit 2 Info!

Finally drew my Unit 2 elk rifle tag. Took 14 years Big smile , now the work begins. If anyone out there has recently hunted this unit and could pass on some info of where to go or places you saw or killed your animal, i would be in debt to you. Don't want to blow this tag on the small ones, am looking for 350+ bull.


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Colorado Unit 2 Info!

14 years.... wow.

Here is an older thread on unit 2.

Congrats and good luck!

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congrads its a long wait but well worth it ive hunted there try limestone ridge awesome area do some scouting if you can but your rifle hunting you will see some big bulls although i hunted there with a friend during muzzle season we saw many bulls he ended up bagging a 335 bull be ready to spend the day just packing out the elk have fun