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Very little found wildlife elk included, area stinks for archery

I just finished archery hunting area 19 near crown point road, saw 2 bulls way out of range and that was all, no herds of any kind. the area is way too thick with too much dead-fall.  we hiked in 3 miles in to wilderness area to camp and walked 18 miles over 4 days. Waste of time to hunt in this area. Only saw 1 other hunter and he had seen 2 elk. Mad

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told ya

It's not like I've wavered on how bad the unit is

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area 19

You guys stay out of 19. I've hunted it for 30 years I've killed quite a few bulls there you have to work hard for your bull but if you make the effort you will succeed. There have been quite a few 300+ bulls taken out of there over the years, but everyone stay away and save them for me.

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need help with gmu 521
  • I have been bow hunting around mclure campground on 133 highway for two years now and havent fine tuned the area can anyone give me some tips on where i should be hunting. I know there are some good elk in the area but it is just learning where i should be for for opening day Up high or down low

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