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Colorado unit 18-28-37-371 2nd season?

First off hope all have a safe & enjoyable hunting season. Hear me first, I am not asking for your hot spots for deer here.  I have put most of my scouting into elk in unit 371, but I also have a deer tag for 2nd season that is good in 18-28-37-371. This is only the 2nd time I have gotten a deer tag.  I did not see much deer for sign in 371 but could just be where I was.  Question is this in unit 371 is there much for deer?  Would I be better to try 28 or 37? really don't think I will have time to travel up to 18.  Any pointers in areas of units to start looking would be great.   Thank you in advance.  Good hunting!!

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I think you'd be better off in 28 or 37, but Remington742 got into deer pretty conistently there during archery season

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Best of luck, and have a

Best of luck, and have a great hunt!

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I have seen deer almost every

I have seen deer almost every time I was in 371.  mostly does and small bucks.  If I had a choice I would most likely try the other 2 units "Ex" has mentioned.  I was only in that unit because of Elk.

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i have hunted those areas for

i have hunted those areas for elk many times and i have seen the most and biggest bucks in 28

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Looks like you are getting

Looks like you are getting some good information here already. I just wanted to say good luck on your hunt and hope you can bag a monster. You first post on the thread reminded me of a hunt i had. I had been scouting all year for elk( also had a deer tag for same area) and I hadn't seen any deer sign what so ever then when I was actually out hunting I saw a huge 4x4 probably would have gone in the 160's which is a pretty good deer by oregon standards. So just because you don't see the sign doesn't mean the big ones aren't there. Be safe and have a fun hunt. make sure to come back to tell us how you did on your hunt. And take a lot of pictures to share with us.

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