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Colorado Unit 14 Archery

Mcfly and Exbiologist,

Thanks for the help. I'll stat looking at some of the drainages better. There seem to be alot of them and I'm sure your right it would be alot easier and shorter than going all the way to the Dome. I saw quite a few drainages running eas-west wchich would give north slopes, I'm thinking I just concentrate on them but again not rule out the others if shady and damp?
I'm sure that when I get out there it is going to be awsome and I'm sure
I will be hooked! I can't wait!!!Thanks again guys.

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Re: Colorado Unit 14 Archery
kmason wrote:
RJ50, I don't think we are going that far west as Clark but I appreciate the offer. Just curious though why you all aren't going back?

A family friend has a cabin in 551 so I usually hunt there, and I'm more familiar with it. The closest couch surfing I can do is in Hayden, which is about an hour drive to Seedhouse Rd. I get bored quickly camping by myself, and it can be tough to keep amped up when you're tired, lonely, wet, blistery, and the elk seem to dissapear into another unit.

If I had horses I would definitely make arrangements to hunt the Zirkels, awesome country back there. If I had a good dedicated hunting buddy to help keep me fired up, I would camp there and hunt it again.

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i am coming out to hunt these units this fall.  Just curious how you did kmason?

i am planning on scouting mid July in all the places mentioned all over the forums online to see what looks best.  Then I will focus there for the first few days of my archery hunt.  

Have you hunted there since rj450?

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Area 42 ...Anybody hunt it?

We are looking to Hunt area 42. Usually do 56 but had plans go south. Thinking of taking horses but don't know how far in truck can go etc. Thanks for info.

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