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Colorado unit 14 archery

I'm new to this forum and I need some advise on unit 14 in colorado. I am planning on a being out there the last 8 days of archery season. i am an experienced elk hunter, but just wanted if anyone would be gracious enough to point me in the right direction, don't want your secret places, just general areas that hold elk. I plan on a scouting trip late June or early July, but, elk move so much its hard too put all your eggs in that basket. I realize there are usually a lot of hunters in that area and shooting a 350" is unreal expectation. But any help would be Greatly Appreciated......

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Welcome to BGH. are you backpacking in or car camping.

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Welcome as well. I'm sure someone here can help you out. From what I've heard it does have a lot of hunters but I have heard or read a lot of success stories for that unit but I have no advice having never hunted it. good luck.

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unit 14

Send me an email as scubadown@yahoo.com or pm here (I don't check this often so you may need to be patient)  I have been scouting and hunting this whole unit for years.  I would be happy to help you out... I will be helping a couple of youngsters this year both in Archery as well as first rifle season in unit 14 this year.   I can tell you that the unit has plenty of space to get away from hunters.  Mt. Zirkels wilderness is a good place to start if you want to pack in and get away from the crowd.  If you don't want to go that far in then I would look at Diamond Park up Elk River Road and Savonia.  You'll battle some other hunters but it does have some nice parks and trails that can get you into some nice areas.   On the South end of the unit. I would suggest getting up high around Rabbit ears.  Good luck and let me know what you need.


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