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Colorado tags

I was wondering how hard it is for residents to get deer and elk tags in Colorado. Can you buy them over the counter? If not, how many years does it usually take to draw? Can you buy archery tags over the counter? Thanks

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Colorado tags

http://wildlife.state.co.us/Hunting/ Thumbs up

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Colorado tags

99.9% of all the deer tags are draw only the other is usually a doe left over tag. As far as elk it depends on where you want to hunt. There are a lot of over the counter tags for some good units. Archery elk is either sex tags for most of the units but there are some that are draw only. Muzzeloader are draw only for both elk and deer and are unit specific.

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Colorado tags

Colorado has usually four rifle seasons, fourth season normally being the best. First and fourth usually fill out in the draw, leaving plenty of second and some third season tags, and you can even get the combo (deer/elk). click on the link alpine archer provided to check the regs. and statistics. Good luck

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Re: Colorado tags

Elk archery is over the counter for most units. Trophy units (201, 61, 1, etc) are by draw most units are at least 6 years some as many as 13-15 years.

Mule deer archery is draw for most units. Left overs are available for some units, although they don't last long for the archery season.

There is not a huge advantage to being a resident in Colorado in relation to tag availability, but they do cost a lot less, which I suppose could be a factor in availability.

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