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Colorado Springs Mule Deer Hunt

If you're like me, you've just completed the arduous task of completing all your big game applications for Colorado, I swear it's worse than doing taxes. The way the chips are probably going to fall, I am likely going to draw an archery tag for deer in GMU's 59/591/511, which are the game units around Colorado Springs. Without giving away your secret spots for deer, can anybody give me some general areas that hold decent numbers of deer ? I'm not looking for a "monster" mulie, but a doe or small buck to fill the freezer. Has anybody pursued deer in the Beaver Creek Wilderness Study Area or the B.C. SWA ? Anywhere on or around Pikes Peak ? I see so many deer in the suburbs and city limits of Colorado Springs, I can't believe that some of the local mountain draws and small pockets of National Forest surrounding the city don't hold a few deer. If you can give me some areas to pre-scout before the season that would be great, thanks for your help and good luck with getting your tags.

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