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Colorado Springs Mule Deer and Elk Hunting

 I recently moved to Colorado Springs from Michigan and was looking for some tips on where to hunt Mule Deer and Elk somewhat nearby (1.5 hours or less)  Any help would be truly appreciated!  Also if anyone is looking for a hunting partner I would be interested.

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welcome to BGH

I would not hunt within an hour and a half of the Front Range, with the exception of some decent elk hunting in the crowd controlled units.  The rest of them are managed for maximum opportunity, have pretty low deer and elk densities, difficult access issues in some places and abysmal success rates (teens to 20s on deer, single digit to teens on elk).

If you want to find good hunting, you need to go further west.  Unfortunately for you, that puts you into several more limited elk units.  Also, have you purchased a deer tag yet?  There were only a handful of buck tags available last I looked.  Do you understand the draw process for next year?  Do you understand what your elk hunting options are for this year?

We're happy to help, but 1.5 hours from a major city on the Front Range is too much to ask for good hunting.  

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Colorado Springs Mule Deer and Elk Hunting

He's right as I moved from MI 12 years ago. Send me an email and I"ll see if I can help you out.

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