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Colorado special hunts/elk damage

Can anyone fill me in on these hunts where they allow you to shoot elk that are eating hay or in areas they shouldn't be? I just heard about these hunts, if you can even call them that, and I'd be interested in just trying one for the meat. I've searched the Colorado DOW site without much success. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Colorado special hunts/elk damage

I've only heard of these "hunts".....usually the DOW assesses the situation and has "hired guns" do the shooting. The DOW will list these "hunts" and you have to get on a waiting list for the meat. They test for CWD and any meat that is O.K. is then given to people on the list. You get 24 hours to come and claim your meat once you are contacted......

if they offered Damage Control hunts like this there would be WAY too many people out there trying to get a chance to kill one!

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Colorado special hunts/elk damage

I'm not sure about Colorado but in Utah these hunts are called "Depredation" hunts. You simply get on a waiting list and when the DWR (or DOW) grants a landowners wish to have some animals removed then you are issued a tag and the landowner takes you to where the animals are (or tells you where to go) and you harvest one.

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Colorado special hunts/elk damage

There was actually a listing like this a couple of years back on the DOW website... it was for deer/elk damaging the potato crops.
I know that of the 100 tags they offered there was 2000+ people that applied.
Keep an eye on the DOW website and also contact them locally and you might get some answers.
I believe with a lot of these, they are now offering them out as youth hunts more and more...


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