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It was killed in Dark Canyon

It was killed in Dark Canyon north of Kebler Pass Road in the late 1880's, which I think is unit 53, but not positive. I never seen it there but for a number of years it was in a hardware store in Crested Butte. Someone from Gunnison can provide more details on the bull and the hunter (John Plune). The story goes the hunter sold it to pay a bar tab.

Btw - Really nice bull and hopefully the meat was salvagable. I heard the bear problem in 54 can be bad in the early season.


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Well, in my eye, it's still 

Well, in my eye, it's still  producing trophy bulls.  That's a great looking bull, without even figuring in how you accomplished getting him.  The bull itself is just icing on the cake...... Wink

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On a fine Bull!! You earned that one!

Dark Canyon is in 55, just off the Raggeds Wilderness and that Bull was the World record Typical for quite sometime! Last I heard it was owned by one of the Rozman's! I believe it was Ed. I seen it in Crested Butte when it was there and it was impressive!! There are still big elk in the West Elks. Maybe the elk is still in the family, but I don't know! Went to school with some of the Rozman's so I will try and find out!

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That's a really interesting

That's a really interesting story. Not too surprising though. Combine good genetics with remote wilderness and that's a recipe for some monsterous elk. I'd wager that back in the 1880s most of the elk in the area had never seen a human before. Nowadays you'd be hard pressed to find one that hasn't encountered people before, especially the older ones. Maybe there are a few way back in the isolated timbered pockets on a steep mountain side somewhere, but all it would take is one good snow to push them down lower and they'd surely run across people. It's kinda sad to think about actually.. there aren't many truly remote places anymore. About the bears.. yeah, they were everywhere. Every night they prowled around camp and left bear scat. Every morning there were fresh tracks on all the major trails in the area. Photobucket It's too bad that bears found my meat stash, but I'm thinking that even if I hung it in a tree they'd probably still get to it. It'd have to be more than 8 feet off the ground in order to keep it away from the bigger ones. Anyone ever try to lift a 70lb sack of meat more than 8 feet into a tree by yourself using paracord? I couldn't do it!

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hanging meat

tempest101 wrote:
Anyone ever try to lift a 70lb sack of meat more than 8 feet into a tree by yourself using paracord? I couldn't do it!

not that I've ever had the opportunity to try with game meat ;-)
but my plan was 4 bags, hung in pairs of 2. That is, the first bag hauled up, tie the second with a slipknot as high as possible, then push the second one up so they hang counterbalanced. This is the way I do bags on Boy Scout backpack trips, or canoe trips, when we have lots of heavy food/bear attractants etc to go up. Never lost a food bag yet..

nice trip and well done !

we've tried to do similar trips, but the old man (me) is too old and the boy (son) isn't strong enough yet.. I'm hoping he takes pity on me and takes me hunting in a few years.. ha.


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WOW !!

Great story and pics! Congrats on a great bull and a great hunt.

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Great report

Great write up, great bull.  Way to go

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The previous World Record Elk

The previous World Record Elk was killed in or near the Dark Canyon back in 1899 by John Plute, in what is now Unit 521. There are a few different versions of the story, one being that it was shot and killed there – another being that it was shot a few miles away and tracked there and then killed there. The head is mounted and normally on display at the Crested Butte, CO Chamber of Commerce building in downtown Crested Butte. It is impressive to see. You can type in a few key words on Google and there is a lot of information on the internet about the elk. It is no longer the world record.

Congratulations on your pack-in hunt and taking that nice bull. Your hard work paid off. It is too bad that the bear got into your meat. We have had that happen a few times and luckily we have not lost much meat – but we had a bear family chew up a really nice head and cape that we had in a tree overnight a few year back, and another bear buried our meat bags another time – but we found them.

Now we use 4-5 game bags and hoist them up trees using paracord – that way each bag weighs less and you can even pull them up after spending most of the day bent over, deboning a large animal. Another really nice trick is to prearrange for a pack horse or two, and send the outfitter a satellite message using your SPOT personal locator, and then just sit down and wait for the horses to arrive. We did that this year and found it is soooo much easier than hauling it out on your back !

Again, congratulations on your efforts, hunt, photos and success.

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That is impresive! There was nothing easy about your hunt. Great story & pics. Congrats on your bull and quite the adventure. Something to be very proud of.

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I am impressed all the way

I am impressed all the way around! That is an impressive bull that any hunter should be proud of, not to mention getting it on a solo backpack hunt! Impressive!