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These weighted points are

These weighted points are starting to get heavy!! Interesting note on a friends points it shows 3 +8 following the 2011 draw and now under current points it shows 3+10 for his sheep.. His elk ,deer and antelope are all in line.. Anybody else see this??  I think the DOW needs to make sheep once in a lifetime like it was years ago to give everyone a better chance at getting one of these great trophy's. I have drawn my Desert and have no problem never getting a chance to harvest another.. 

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I wish I could get some free

I wish I could get some free weighted points!!

FYI: The lifetime baglimit for desert bighorn is already only 1.

I have no problem with being able to apply for bighorn (Rocky Mtn) after already drawing a tag (or harvesting a ram for that matter). However, I can see how someone in their 40's or 50's (maybe even 30's) would be in favor of cutting down on the number of applicants at the cost of only being able to hunt them once in a lifetime. But I'm young... and if my luck in the sheep drawing ever increases, I figure I could potentially draw the tag three times in my life (probably two if I decide to apply for desert sheep).

I don't picture myself ever being able to afford to hunt sheep outside of CO but I would like to consider myself a tried and true sheep hunter by the time I die (read multiple sheep hunts under my belt). That means I need to hunt sheep a few different times right here in the good ol Centenial State. 

Now as I was saying... how do I get extra weighted points?! 

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front door is up now

Official results are now posted if you were trying to check on 2nd choice nannies or ewes

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i have a desert bighorn tag

i have a desert bighorn tag in hand s56 cant wait to get some scoutingin i have a month off starting on the 12 th of july.im going to try to take him with my bow but i will not pass on a good ram if i cannot close the distance.

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