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Colorado rifle elk hunt gmu 30 info

Hi guys I am 13 and im looking for a new place for me and my dad to hunt Elk. im looking at getting a leftover bull tag for gmu 30 which is combined with 21,22,31,and 32. I would be willing to shoot any legal bull elk im loking at going 4th season. im basically just looking for some general info on the area around 16 rd or douglas pass north of grand junction. We are both experienced hunters and have hiked in and killed elk before.

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Elk hunting unit 30


Both 16 Rd and Douglass Pass have decent elk numbers. The terrain is very steep and deep and if you plan on going 4th season be prepared for some VERY mean roads.

If you would like more specific info send me a PM.


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As elkkill said its very

As elkkill said its very rough terrain and the roads in the bottom of the canyons get very nasty with any rain or snow. Depending on how soon winter roles in the elk should be pushed down lower by 4th season. There will be lots of elk hanging out south of Oil Springs Mountain in area 21.

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great i will check out some

great i will check out some of those areas Archery_hunter33 we will have chains on our truck to get through some rough stuff.



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