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Colorado Rabbit Population?

I've been a weekend warrior for archery deer season. Had some chances, but still have 2 weekends to finish. Anyway, I've seen many Aberts Squirrels, but haven't seen a rabbit yet? Has anyone else seen many bunnies? I was hoping the population would be going up, haven't seen many the last few years. I take my youngest daughter out several times during the season, so if anybody knows an area with a decent population, let me know.


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Tons of aberts where I've

Tons of aberts where I've been hunting too. Haven't been seeing lots of bunnies though.

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Someone told me that we are

Someone told me that we are in a low of a 5 year cycle for rabbits.  Don't know if this is true nor have I found any information to back it up online.  I saw one rabbit last year in all hunts and have seen none this year.  If anyone has any info about popluations and the plague, let me know. 

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I had heard it was a 7 year

I had heard it was a 7 year cycle and the low spot was 2 years ago so I was hoping they would be gaining by now. Guess it depends on who you talk to. I did see one this weekend while hunting deer and wish I hadn't. I was about 10 yards from having a perfect 20 yard shot on a doe and a cottontail ran out about 10 feet from me, ran straight at the doe, spooked her and they both bolted. Had a stalk busted by a rabbit. I can laugh now, but at the moment I was ready to shoot a rabbit out of season.

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