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Colorado Pronghorn Results Are Posted

Just confirmed what I assumed, my third 1st choice tag of the year! Gonna be a busy fall!

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Re: Colorado Pronghorn Results Are Posted

Heavy C, congrats, once again, on another 1 st choice draw! I know what you mean by busy fall! I got all the tags I wanted for elk, deer and antleope through second choice (pref pts for 1st choice) and got my cow moose tag! Will be hunting elk and moose in Sept. (bow), Antelope in Oct. (muzzy), and late plains deer from Oct. - Dec. (split seasons,bow). Now if I could only find a spot for a 4th rifle season cow elk tag! My wife may divorce me before it is all over, but hopefully I get custody of the full freezer!

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Colorado Pronghorn Results Are Posted

That's awesome! congrats HeavyC! i pulled my first choice buck tag for the third year! but nothing for elk deer and sheep...thank God for leftover deer and OTC elk!

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Re: Colorado Pronghorn Results Are Posted

Congrats on your tags and it really looks like a busy fall!

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