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Help a bother out

Aurora, here is my .02

Don’t make people pay full price for a PP and no 2nd choice.  I have a family of 4; two youth and two adult hunters.  It’s financially disastrous for me to put in for my boys so they can start building sheep, moose, and goat points as well as putting in to actually draw for me and my wife.  But if I don’t put in for the boys, they may be in the same boat I am which is they may never hunt these animals in their home state.  It’s over  $3600 for a resident in my situation to apply every year. 

Lengthen the application period so the guy above can spread out some of the  pain. 

Bring back the point banking and allow people to use only the points it takes to draw a license.  I thought it worked great the year they did it. 

Post the changes to the number of licensees available in each GMU BEFORE the application period.  I don’t want to spend all my points on what normally takes a lot of points to draw in a year the DOW decides to double the number of available licenses IOT reach herd objectives.  Should be easy.

Fix the weighted points so that the “weight” means a little more.  If a unit takes more than 10pp to draw, put it in the weighted draw system.   The hybrid draw is just a feel good measure…unless you draw, then it’s a feel great measure. 

I would like to see the bull/cow ratio significantly higher in the GMUs .  This would potentially eliminate the pressure on  the “trophy” units since most units would have trophy caliber bulls. 

Most importantly, keep hunting affordable for residents and, yes, non-residents.  Just because you can charge, doesn’t mean you should. 

Now that MT charges a non-refundable  $50 just to apply, im out.  Great for Mt hunters I guess but bad for hunting overall I think.

Im not a fan of non res hunters in general but I think everyone should have a chance to hunt.  Extra $ for a tag or limiting the overall licenses available to a non-res is one thing but extra $ just to apply isn’t right in my opinion. 

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