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colorado preference points

WE have 12 elk preference points and looking for a decent unit to hunt,we are all in our mid 50s in fair shape but not great shape.I know we do not have enough points for the great units,but would appreciate any help.(rifle or Muzzle).thanks

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I am going to suppose that

I am going to suppose that you are a non resident of Colorado. So with 12 points you are really in limbo land. Not enough for a really great unit and too many to waist on a lesser unit.

However you may be able to draw a unit 66 muzzle loader tag with 12 points. You need to check out the statistics page on the Parks and Wildlife web page.

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Just curious, and i'm not

Just curious, and i'm not busting your chops. I assume it took you 12 years to get these points? You haven't done any research?

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yes we do research, we were thinking of muzzleload units 66 or 67.just thought I might get a little  more help.(some areas we may not have thought of). 12 years ago we hunted unit 10,all four of us filled our tags but we will never see 10 again.Is unit 66 or 67 better?thanks again for any additional help

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hunting Elk with 12 points

contact CDOW they will help you see which units may work for right now the best possible unit for mature bulls and how many units 12 points will get you in give them a call.

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