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One more comment on the

One more comment on the application for preference points.  As mentioned above, the non-resident elk application for a preference point costs $354.00, which is the same as a cow license would normally cost you.  They charge the lesser amount so that you do not have to send in the extra money that a bull tag would cost you.

However, there is one drawback possibility in this scenario.  IF you were to apply online for the preference point only, and then in the "If unsuccessful, send me" you selected the "leftover draw" box - you would be restricted to applying for only a cow license in the leftover draw.  The reason for this is that you have already submitted your money, you have only submitted the amount for a cow license, and there is no way to submit any money, or more money, in the leftover draw.

This would only apply if you were interested in the leftover draw.  It would not apply to any other situation, such as buying an over the counter license later on, etc.

I would think that this would affect few people, other than those who just have not quite made up their minds yet - and want first crack at the leftovers just in case they make up their minds in July.

I also am not sure if there is a way to apply online, and pay a higher amount - if a person were interested in doing that.  If there is, I could not find it.

Happy hunting.



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If you checked the left over

If you checked the left over draw box, either sex archery, or the antlered elk box then it would automatically charge you the higher fee if you do it on line.  With a paper copy you would have to submit the higher fee.   

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pref. point help

Hi everyone. First time on this sight. This sight and the others that are out there are great help to us nubies and I thank you for it.  Two years ago, I hunted I hunted in unit 54. WE did not get anything but had a great time. Planing to go back next year.  WE hunted off CR721 and 723.  For people like my self it is easier to use a 0% or low intrest credit card to apply for points.  You don't ty up money that u may need.  Make a few payments and then pay it off when you get your refund.  If any one can help me with unit 54 it would be apreciated.

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