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Colorado Parks and Wildlife offering Refunds

Just in case any of you are affected in your hunting area by the recient floods, Colorado Parks and Wildlife are offering refunds in some of the areas.

Here in the link to the story.


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I really don't know how anyone could hunt unit 20 with a rifle for deer and elk, yet they did not list deer and elk for rifle in unit 20.

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i was geared up and ready to

i was geared up and ready to kill a doe and buck this black powder season in unit 20. I killed a small buck last year in unit 20. Then the flood hit... Man was i bummed. I mailed in my tags yesterday for a refund, my refunded money will go towards new waterfowl waders!

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I noticed the same omission

I noticed the same omission for refunds in unit 20. I figured since the rifle seasons hadn't started yet it was possible to simply turn the tags back in. I guess those who spent points for the tags wouldn't be able to get their money back if they wanted the points reinstated. Maybe it's a wait and see approach by CPW until those seasons are closer to opening? Dunno...

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Giving it back to the CPW

I had a buck mzldr tag for unit 20 and was planning to hunt along the Masonville/Storm Mtn road. But like everyone else I was trapped by the floods and could not get out to hunt opening weekend (or the rest of the season). I heard about the refunds that Monday, but I chose not to ask for a refund and consider it as a donation back to the state. Hopefully that small donation will go to good use.

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I could apply for this refund

I could apply for this refund for my Unit 29 archery deer tag, but I won't. I did make it out for one day of hunting on opening day. I figure that the license fees are paying for the opportunity to hunt, not necessarily to get an animal. I did get the opportunity to hunt, so even though the floods prevented some hunting opportunity for me, I am good with CDOW keeping that money.

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