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Colorado Outfitters?

Hello Everyone,

I am a new member of this forum and am looking for feedback on Outfitters in Colorado. Myself and 3 other hunters are planning a 2010 second rifle season hunt. The two specific ones we are considering are as follows:

1. Colorado Private Ranches - Units 741,52,444,15 or 26
2. Silver Peaks Outfitters - Units 70,71 or 711

Any feedback would be appreciated!

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Colorado Outfitters?

I did a quick search for them through the CDOW website and neither came up on the list of Licensed Outfitters.

Maybe you want to look yourself. http://www.coloradooutfitters.org/

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Colorado Outfitters?

Thanks for the reply RaghornHS!

I as well could not find them on the Colorado Outfitters website.

Here is the info off the Silverpeaks website:

Silver Peaks Outfitters is registered with the State of Colorado (#786)
We are authorized under commercial use permit with theUSFS and BLM to utilize
public lands in SW Colorado consisting of about 200,000 acres.

Does this seem like proper credentials?

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Licensed Outfitters

The reason you cannot determine if Colorado Private Ranches is a licensed outfitter is because they are not. This business (last time I checked) was run by a fellow named Kaufman in Louisana. They lease ranches and they sublet use for hunting for a trespass fee. This doesn't mean you should or should not hunt with them, it means they are not to the best of my knowledge a licenses CO outfitter.

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) website has a database available to the public. Here you can look up anyone to see if they are in fact a licenses CO outfitter and if so the status of that license. See:

Good hunting

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