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Colorado NR-urgent reply

This came in yesterday and affects all of Colorado non-resident hunters and the way preference points are used and aquired in Colorado for big game h-----Original Message-----
From: Colorado Outfitters Assn (Leslie Schultz) [mailto:lschultz@sopris.net]
Sent: Thursday, May 27, 2004 10:42 PM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject: Fw: Action Alert - Preference Point Sustem

Dear COA Members,

Below is a letter that you can e-mail your clients and have them send to the Wildlife Commission in regards to the Preference Point System being addressed by the Colorado Wildlife Commission.

This is urgent and needs to be addressed immediatly.


Kurt Schultz
COA Executive Director

ACTION ALERT – PLEASE READ – From the Colorado Outfitters Association, Inc.

The Colorado Wildlife Commission is considering changes to the big game license PREFERENCE POINT system.

They are proposing elimination of the preference point hunt code and the only way to get a preference point would be if you hunt a cow when unsuccessful in the draw and that a portion of the licenses be distributed by a random draw.

All of these options would make it difficult for you to ever hunt Colorado or know when you might draw a license to hunt Colorado.

They will be voting on this the 3rd of June.

Please take a minute right now to let them know how you feel.

Cut and past or copy these e-mail addresses into To: in an e-mail.

pjjames@comcast.net; jeffcrawford@aboutmi.com; renstrom@frii.com; cmo@pctc.net; bernb69@comcast.net; tmburke@juno.com; 7triangle@pcrs.net; ken_torres@amigo.net

Cut and past or copy these e-mail addresses into CC: in an e-mail.

russell.george@state.co.us; wildlife.comm@state.co.us

The subject should be – preference points.

You can use this as the text of your e-mail or write whatever you want. If this is okay cut and paste or copy it into the body of your e-mail.

Dear Colorado Wildlife Commissioner,

I understand that you will be voting on changes to the big game hunting preference point system at your meeting June 3.

As a non-resident Colorado hunter I appreciate the ability to plan and have some idea when I will draw a license in your state. Colorado’s preference point system works. Please don’t change it.

Please do not change the preference point system in any way that will adversely affect my ability to hunt Colorado. I do not want to join the ranks of those who don't hunt Colorado anymore.


Please sign.

Please take a minute and do this now.

unting Please take a minute to reply with your thoughts -

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Not urgent any more?

The official time for public input was earlier this spring. They have had the time for input and public meetings and the recommendations are not to change the preference point system for the next 5 years. Unless there is some arm twisting behind the scenes that I don't know about, it will be voted on June 3rd to accept the Final Recommendation which don't make any changes. Don't know what sending emails at this point is going to do.

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Colorado NR-urgent reply

I realize that the input was earlier this spring, but the problem is that they are against the recommendation right now by a straw vote of 4 for, and 5 against keeping it the same............surprise!!!!! this info comes from the "horses mouth" and an e-mail to each commisioner is persausive in their decison on the 3rd of June., if you want it to stay the same for the next five years.
They also can change any ruling at anytime they wish and not necessarly wait five years to do it.

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