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Colorado Muzzle Deer

My son and I drew muzzleloader buck tags this year and got back from a weekend hunt last Sunday. Not a lot of deer moving around and we didn't have much time to try to locate where they were hanging. Ended up finding a group of 5 small bucks and took one from just under 100 yards. Unfortunately it wasn't my son who ended up shooting the buck but he enjoyed the weekend hunt.

On to the next hunt in a couple of weeks for antelope in Wyoming!

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Very cool !


Congrats on a great buck and a quick, but great hunt ! I wish your son had got to take a buck also.

Good luck on the rest of the hunts !


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Congrats on your harvest.

Congrats on your harvest. Can't wait for my hunt to get here.

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Congrats on the nice buck. Wyo is getting closer!!!! Good luck!

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On a successful hunt. Best of luck to all of you and especially your son on the goat hunt!

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Hey, he was there with you,

Hey, he was there with you, so that's half the battle! Congrats, nice buck!

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Still better to be hunting

Still better to be hunting then at home thinking about hunting. Congratulations to the young man who took the buck and guessing it was his first? I am sure your son understands that not every hunter scores every time. God knows I have eaten a lot of tag soup over the years.

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is better than going to school I bet!

Congratulations and good luck in Wy.

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