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Colorado Mule deer in Unit 61

Just wondering if anyone has hunted this unit for mule deer this year, 09 season, and would be willing to share info on places to hunt in this unit. I have 13 points for deer and 10 for elk. Going there next year, 2010 for deer, if drawn, and have no clue on where to hunt. I've hunted unit 62 and took a nice elk about 6yrs ago, havn't been back since. Thanks for any info you might have on unit 61.

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Colorado Mule deer in Unit 61

What season were you looking at hunting, the last couple of years have been very hard during 4th season, 3rd season has been tough also due to the weather. Most have been having better luck during archery and muzzleloader season. The bucks are there but they have been very hard to find.

If I were hunting elk it would be during 1st rifle season. Usually it gets a lot harder to find those bigger bulls after 1st season.

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Re: Colorado Mule deer in Unit 61

My son has drawn a Mule Deer tag in Unit 61 for the 3rd rifle season this fall, 2010. I'm in the same boat as the previous poster as I've never hunted the unit and am looking for places to start scouting. My son is heading to the Air Force Academy, so we're treating this as if it will be our last hunt together for many years to come and so we wanted to do a last special hunt together before he enters the Academy. If anyone out there would care to share their knowledge for this special hunt, I'd be eternally grateful. Gratefully, John

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