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Colorado Mule deer and Elk in the same unit

I have been doing quite a bit of research on whch hunts I want to apply for this season.  The drawing is right around the corner.  Since I won't have much vacation to take during the season I have been looking at Game Units close to Denver.  I have narrowed my units down to 28, 35, 36, 37, 45, 49, 500, 501.  Some of these are not listed on the preference points list.  The preference points needed is somewhat confusing.

I have looked at last seasons success rates for these units for both elk and mule deer.

I am a new resident with 0 preference points. I would like to hunt rifle 1st choice, muzzleloader second choice.  1st and second seasons would be best.   

Does anyone have any suggestions? 

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Off of the top of my head I

Off of the top of my head I can tell you that 35 can be done but it has a lot of private on it and a lot of the deer and elk will stay up high in the private until the snow drives them down.  36 gets quite a bit of pressure but I would hunt it before 35, and all I have done is driven through 37 but it does look like some good country.  45 is a good unit but there isn't that much access into it.  A lot of it is tied up in Vail ski resort and Beaver Creek.  While you can hunt Vail Mountain you have to hike into it since the ski service roads are locked off but you can access it off of the back side out of Red Cliff or Shrine Pass. 

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big game brochure

I just picked up a Big Game Brochure. The hunt codes make more sense now. Anyone have any luck or suggestions for units 500, 501 and 50??? Is it mostly private land? Public land access?

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I can only comment on unit 35

I can only comment on unit 35 as that is the only one I have hunted. What Critter said is dead on for this unit. Although I did find plenty of public land to hunt on if the animals where there, unfortunately if it didn't snow a lot they would not come down into the areas I could hunt. I hunted this unit 4 years in a row during the late season cow hunt that ran all the way through December. The first year back in 92 the snow was so deep I had to chain all 4 every trip but we killed 4 cows in 3 trips out and sighted numerous nice bucks. After that year I never had to use my chains again and actually never saw an elk again and very few deer. So the animals are up there just not where you need them at that time of year,

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