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Colorado Mule Deer

I am part of a hunting group of 6 that has been going to Colorado & Wyoming elk and mule deer hunting for the last 16+ years.  We usually hunt the northwestern part of Colorado but now are wanting to try the eastern plains of Colorado for mule deer. We aren't out for the trophy deer (unless we run into one) but settle for the good average deer since most in our group are in the mid 60's except me (mid 30's) and have taken our fair share of of quality deer.  We are looking for advice on a good unit in the plains or foothills.  Looking more for private property / trespass hunts to BLM or ranch leases which we normally hunt.  Money isn't a real concern, just looking for good deer numbers to keep the older guys entertained.

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There are no deer in the eastern plains. haha j/k Funny I should find you on here.

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Money is no object! Why are

Money is no object! Why are you asking us poor folks who hunt public land?

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Nope...no mulies out

Nope...no mulies out east...sorry, can't help!


Atkinsons Outfitters consitently produce some dandy bucks out east. There are others, but they are known for mulies.

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GMU 1 help

My brother and I (ages 64 and 62) have drawn deer tags for GMU 1 this year, any help on areas to hunt would be greatly appreciated.



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I sent you a PM.  For some

I sent you a PM.  For some reason the spam filter on here is going nuts and won't let me post a answer.